19 Dec 2013

getting my crafty clogs on..

dragon wings almost finished

sweet felt wool wreaths

Little love fox

Thrifty goodness

sweet treats for the kids in my world

painting pinecones with the kids gathered in my yard

wrapping goodies 

still on the air dry clay

 A few little makes & finds keeping my making hands happy!

5 Dec 2013

Air dry clay..so fun!

Making gift tags

air dry clay decorations

A  swapsie gift from an instagram friend

me...and my pretty clay beads

13 Nov 2013

Coming soon!!

I'm super stoked to be sharing news of my collaboration with amazing artist & graphic designer Marlene Knight of Cockatoo Graphics

Watch this space over the next week for our stunning line of greeting cards. 

Coming soon!!

5 Nov 2013

Today's potterings

working on a new quilt

the only horses I want to see racing

my space & spiffy new machine cover

27 Oct 2013

Rainbow clouds & wool felt balls

Pretty wool felt garlands

Rainbow cloud mobile with wool get balls

Rain cloud mobile

Rain cloud, pyssla beads wool felt balls

Trio of clouds
Wool felt balls have so a great texture & are easy and fun to work with. I made a few garlands then got on a roll making beautiful rainbow cloud mobiles. These would be just darling in a newborns bedroom, cosy bedroom or wall decor anywhere you please. I have one in my living room.

Day of the dead doll