10 Dec 2011

Market day = YAY!!

these photos do no justice to how gorgeous the stall actually looked

simmone star shines

our pretty stall, simmone star (left) & rainy knight (right)

Wow!! What a fantabulous day! Market arrival time 6.30am, not a wink of sleep between us (hmmm I guess starting to watch "Red Dog" at midnight was a bad idea), I was way to excited to sleep anyway.

We began setting up our marquee with a wee bit of help from experienced market goers, tent up, time to decorate & display our goodies. A few hanging issues & major wind hindered us a little at first, but by 9am everything was ship shape and the sales were underway.

I was gobsmacked by the amount of lovely comments and ooohs & ahhhhs I received and the overwhelming amount of sales I made. The day was a total success and completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you to all my gorgeous family & friends who popped in to say hi & share the love :)

I know what I'll be doing in January, sew, sew, sewing! Almost all the "dolly in my pocket" clothing sold, many dolls, pussy cats, embroidered hearts, decorations and the every popular babushka lavender bags.

If you could see me now you'd see I have a little blood shot RSI, but my grin is wide & my hands are happy for having made all those special goodies.

I'm off to Tassie in a few days with my beautiful family for a peachy little holiday & some quiet walks along the beach :) Thank you to my little family for inspiring me & giving me a tiny (ever so tiny ;) bit of space to make pretty things that make my heart sing x

I'll be back next year, shinier than ever with many a market planned. So watch this space for dates & places that you don't want to miss. If you get the urge to do a little window shopping you can find my online shoppe here.

Merry Chrissie & happy starry nights
Simmone Star

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