4 Nov 2012

New dolly

Oh what a happy morning, I plugged in my old Janome to give her one last try before retiring her to the junk pile (she conked out after being rather over worked a year ago) and to my great delight she worked!

She worked so well in fact that we made this doll together. I forgot how sturdy and strong this machine was, unlike my fancy newer Brother machine, my Janome can sew through thick layers of felt and fabric, her feed dogs are fab. 

After re visiting my Janome my Brother certainly seems a little pants!

Other things I've been doing:

enjoying my new staple gun, recovered my old sewing chair and kitchen pin board

planting lily's in the garden
sanding the kitchen window ledge

pinning (oh pinterest how you inspire and rob me).....spending way to much time dreaming about a life in Holland

stepping on lego...ouch

getting into the x-mss zone

planning a road trip and waiting for january

sewing whenever I can

embroidering my tattoo dolls


opp shopping

Just a few happenings in our little shack :)

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